Set a Proper Price

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Nobody wants to buy a house that’s priced too high, and you wouldn’t want to set the price too low either. An appropriate price will help show prospective buyers that you are a fair owner.

Research Price Trends in Your Neighborhood

We will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis to show what similar homes in your neighborhood have sold for as well as their features and condition. Looking at comparables, simply called “comps,” will also give us an idea of the terms on which other homes were successfully closed.

Factor In  Home Improvements

At this point, you’ve spent a considerable amount of money and time on improvements. We can now factor in the value of these improvements into our final listing price. It’s important to remember that the cost of an improvement is not indicative of its return.

  • Callout: Each year, puts out their latest Cost vs. Value report, outlining the home improvements with the highest return. Check out the most recent report on our blog: [link].